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GBS Cloud works in the IOT area using innovative technology and solutions that allow to interact with a geographically distributed sensors network

The GBS Cloud Platform
GBS Cloud platform screenshot

The Platform

A winning strategy

Data centralization

Regardless of the type and technology used by the sensors, data are collected, standardized and stored in a single database.

Easy and intuitive interface

Data are shown in a rational way with a simple and modern interface through which users can take advantage of the powerful available functions.

Real-time reporting

To each sensor can be associated multiple alarm thresholds for different measured or calculated quantities. Notifications are sent via EMail, SMS and WhatsApp in real time.

Automatic data sending

Collected data can be processed and sent to external structures in a scheduled manner both for statistical and control reasons and to comply with any regulatory requirements in various civil and industrial fields.

Two ways communication

In addition to sending collected data, the sensors can receive commands via GBS Cloud and act as actuators to drive remote devices.

Unlimited accessibility

GBS Cloud can be accessed from any device with a browser or from a dedicated App. Always online with the highest standards of reliability and security.

Industry 4.0 Ready

GBS Cloud sensors can be integrated into any system to realize the data feedback essential to access the tax benefits provided by Industry 4.0.

GBS Cloud doesn't become Smart
It was born Smart

GBS Cloud logo

GBS Cloud doesn't become Smart
Smart is born

GBS Cloud was created to give high-level answers to today's needs with today's tools.
Designing from scratch a completely new multidisciplinary system using the most innovative frameworks and technologies available today in the computer and transmission area has allowed the realization of an efficient and refined system that combines an engaging visual experience of the data collected with the delivery of powerful functions described.

The concept of Cloud is not just in the company name. It's in its DNA.
The Cloud, the technological backbone of the entire system, is used to dematerialize resources and services to make them even more pervasive, powerful, simple, reliable and delivered through a refined and versatile portal. Mobile devices also play an important role both for the fruition of information and for the real time reporting system based on instant messaging.

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GBS Cloud platform on desktop and mobile devices

Application examples

Data reception and transmission for all cases

Energy field


  • Measurement of electricity production
  • Quantification of energy sources consumption (gas, electricity, fuels)
Mechanical field


  • Predictive maintenance and early fault detection through vibration analysis
  • Detection and analysis of operating temperatures
Hydrogeological and hydraulic field


  • Accounting of water withdrawals both at free surface and at pressure typical of aqueducts and water consortia
  • Detection levels and flow rates of water courses
  • Pluviometric and nivopluviometric measurements
Environmental field


  • Air quality analysis
Agricultural and floral varieties field


  • Soil moisture measurement with advanced graphical representation
  • Solar radiation measurement and thermal tracking
  • Cold chain management for proper food storage
Security area


  • Alarmed doors
  • Presence detection
  • Man on the ground
  • Firefighting

Any contact or transducer is potentially sampled and managed by GBS Cloud, suitable therefore in a wide range of customizable uses.


The range of sensors for water measurements

The ultrasonic hydrometers of the HydroCloud series are used in a wide range of situations. From accounting for water withdrawals to calculating flow rates to monitoring water levels.

They are wireless, with IP67 protection and electrically independent thanks to the use of long-lasting lithium batteries.


HYDROCLOUD, ultrasonic hydrometer

Download the brochure of HydroCloud serie

GBS. Not only Cloud.


The GBS Cloud Research and Development center has developed a series of equipment sometimes unique in their kind as the DIRECT LINK system. It consists of two radio stations (master and slave) at low power on low free frequencies, able to replicate between them analog and digital signals for several km even in inaccessible forest areas and in difficult weather conditions.

sfondo montagne
5/6 Km
montagna CMD (1) DATA (2) MASTER SLAVE

Thanks to its very low power consumption, DIRECT LINK can be made autonomous through a small photovoltaic panel and is the perfect solution for sampling quantities from slave to master and sending actuator commands from master to slave.


Most frequently asked questions

What is the power autonomy of the sensors?

It depends a lot on the type of measured quantity and the sampling rate. In most applications the lifetime is more than two years..

What do the devices need to function?

GBS Cloud uses a mix of transmission techniques based on free frequencies according to environmental conditions. In any case, the transmission takes place without the aid of cables, cellular radio links or wifi..

How many sensors can I use at once?

There is no set limit. The data collected by all the sensors associated with a given user, are shown in the GBS Cloud portal in a graphical and uniform way even in the presence of sensors of different types.

Under what environmental conditions can the sensors work?

These devices are IP67, so they are suitable for outdoor operation with a temperature range from -20 °C to +65 °C..

Is GBS Cloud just a data collector and viewer?

No, it's much more. Other than showing data on all the most recent platforms, it provides hourly data formatting and sending functions and an efficient alarm system when certain thresholds are exceeded or certain events occur..

In particularly remote and difficult forested areas without electricity, can I use GBS Cloud sensors?

In particularly difficult contexts where the possible bidirectionality of data is also required, GBS Cloud has the DIRECT LINK system that allows long distance data transmission using radio waves capable of overcoming obstacles and dense vegetation.

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